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  • Alistair Braidwood

Watching with the Detective: It’s the Return of the Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

After a brief break to gather our thoughts and set up new guests, the Scots Whay Hae! podcast returns. Number 18 sees Ali talking to TV’s Colin McCredie about the best from Scottish Telly past. It’s a big subject to cover, but we manage to touch on programmes from the 1960s to the present day. I’m sure we missed many people’s favourites, but hopefully there’s enough of interest to please everyone from casual watchers to telly addicts

Colin knows more about Scottish TV than anyone else we know, and gives personal insights about matters on screen and behind the scenes of the programmes he has worked on, as well as those he has watched. Unfortunately for you most of the libellous stuff stayed in the pub, but I’m sure you’ll learn something new about the history of Scotland on the box and your favourite shows. At an hour and a half it’s a bumper edition, but then we have been away on our hols.

As a sample of Colin’s work here’s Two and a Half Minutes, a short film he made for Silly Wee Films:

All the podcasts can be found and subscribed to on iTunes or by RSS. If you haven’t listened before you’ll find interviews with the likes of Alan Bissett, Louise Welsh, Doug Johnstone, Kapka Kassabova and Rodge Glass. There is music and chat from Arran Arctic, a peek behind the scenes of this year’s Margins festival, experts talking about Burns, discussion about the state of Scottish publishing as well as our various attempts to list the very best in Scottish music, film and books. In the future we will be bringing you more interviews with those who matter in Scottish culture, as well as discussions on poetry, comedy, sport and so much more. If you have anyone you’d perhaps like to hear on a podcast, or a topic we should cover, then all suggestions are welcome, and we can but ask.

The podcast will be coming to you once a month from now on. We tried it once a fortnight but have decided that was quickening the premature greying of Ali’s beard, something he can ill afford. What we intend is to up the quality to leave no one disappointed. In the meantime here’s a wee video that resident technical guru and man of mystery Ian has put together as a taster as to what we do. Tell your friends:


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