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  • Alistair Braidwood

Once Upon A Crime: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To Denise Mina...

📸 credit: Ollie Grove

For the latest Scots Whay Hae! podcast Ali catches up with writer Denise Mina to talk about her new historical novel Three Fires, which is published on the Polygon Books imprint of Birlinn Ltd.

Following on from the equally compelling Rizzio, Three Fires takes a historical figure and uses significant events from the past to comment on and question the present day.

Denise talks about the central, complex, character of Girolamo Savonarola and how his ideas, and the resulting actions and following he inspired, are still felt today.

She also discusses her approach to writing historical fiction, the satisfaction in writing complicated individuals, the joy of research, bringing the past and the present together, and so much more.

The two also touch upon Denise's new Philip Marlowe novel The Second Murderer, (which is published by Harvill Secker), and the challenges in writing someone else's character.

It's a warm and informative conversation with one of Scotland's finest and favourite writers, and it was such a pleasure to talk to Denise about her latest work.

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