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  • Alistair Braidwood

The GSFF 2023 Podcast: Scots Whay Hae! Talks to Sanne Jehoul & Duncan Cowles...

The latest SWH! podcast is all about this year's Glasgow Short Film Festival, with Ali joined by Programme Director Sanne Jehoul and filmmaker Duncan Cowles.

Sanne gives us a bit of background to the festival, takes us through just some of the highlights, talks about the competitions which are so important to every festival, the art of programming, the complex question as to what constitutes a 'short film', and so much more.

Duncan tells us about the films he has screening this year, his history with the GSFF, the importance to filmmakers of festivals such as this one, and talks about what he is looking forward to this year.

There are also interesting conversations between the three as they discuss the impact of the pandemic on filmmakers and festivals, the return of live audiences, and the importance to individuals and the wider industry of such events.

It's a conversation which goes beyond the festival itself - although all your questions should be answered - to look at just why short films are a vital and vibrant form in their own right

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Here's the trailer for this year's festival:

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