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  • Alistair Braidwood

The Bells! The Bells!…Scots Whay Hae’s Hogmanay Treat 2011

As Mr Scott once more raises his bottle to the promise of a New Year and a celebration of the old here’s a couple of songs that just missed out on being in the Scots Whay Hae’s Greatest Scottish album…ever. First off are the mighty Rezillos with Destination Venus and one of the best openings to any song:

Next up is the song which was the most painful ommision from the list. This is The Associates and Party Fears Two, and tonight I’ll be going out dressed like Alan Rankine; head to toe in white, including gloves, with chopsticks in my hair (if only):

Finally, an admission that I completeley forgot to include James Yorkston, something which highlights just how pointless such lists are. This is one of his very best and it’s called When The Haar Rolls In:

Happy New Year everybody! X


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