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  • Alistair Braidwood

Tales From The Olive Grove: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To Olive Grove Records’ Lloyd Me

Ian and Ali have been trying to get Lloyd Meredith on the podcast for some time, and this month they get their man. As music blogger Peenko he was one of Scottish music’s greatest champions, and, alongside Halina Rifai of Podcart fame, he founded Olive Grove Records, who are home to Jo Mango, Woodenbox, The Son(s), Call To Mind, The Moth and The Mirror, and more. He also finds time to manage Randolph’s Leap as well. All of the above are some of Scots Whay Hae!’s favourite bands and musicians, and what unfolds on the pod is basically one fanboy talking to another about Olive Grove and much more.”

But it’s not all chat; there is music from Skinny Dipper, The Son(s) and previous podcast guest, Jo Mango with new tracks from all three, and which ably show the quality that we have come to expect from Olive Grove. It’s become, over a fairly short space of time, a label which guarantees quality and class in a way that the best indie labels, such as Postcard, Factory, Fence or Chemical Underground, do. Unapologetically biased towards Scottish bands, Lloyd and Olive Grove follow a similar mission statement to Scots Whay Hae! in that they want to make people aware of the great things that are happening on your doorstep. We had a great time talking, and I hope you enjoy it too.

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And as an added extra, and because we can, here is the video to Call To Mind’s Breathe from earlier this year:

That’s it for another pod, but we’ve got some rather interesting guests coming soon. In the meantime, you should have a listen to Scots Whay Hae! regular Chris Ward’s podcast, Seen Your Video, which is always worth your while…


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