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  • Alistair Braidwood

Take The High Road: A Preview Of Ashley Cook’s Step We Gaily, On We Go Exhibition…


If you’re thinking about where to go and what to see this Easter weekend then the place to be is The Braemar Gallery for Ashley Cook‘s exhibition Step We Gaily, On We Go which has its opening from 2.30pm on Saturday 15th April and which runs to the 29th May.

For this exhibition, Ashley has taken some of Scotland’s best known and loved imagery and given it a modern makeover with a very personal twist, and where better to exhibit such work than the place many consider to be the heart of Scotland, both geographically and historically.

A gathering place for Kings and Queens from the 11th century to this day, Braemar is also the area Lord Byron holidayed as a child(e), where Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island, and where the legend who was Tom Weir could be found stravaiging the landscape in his bobble hat.

Ashley’s work looks to the past to suggest a better future, and with a style, substance and sense of humour which is distinctly her own. I could say more, but as pictures paint thousands of words it would be better to show rather than tell. These are just a small selection as to the work on show:


If you mention Scots Whay Hae! when you visit The Braemar Gallery you’re guaranteed a warm welcome, a firm handshake, and a discussion on the life and work of Brian Eno. It’s a fine place to spend your time, but then we would say that. And if you wonder where the hell Braemar is and how you get there, here you go…



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