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  • Alistair Braidwood

No Error For Margin: The Margins Book and Music Festival Hits Town…

This coming weekend sees the inaugural Margins Book and Music Festival organised by those lovely people at Cargo Publishing. Billed as a celebration of live music and literature, this will be four days (17th-20th) featuring some of the best known names in Scottish literature lining up to read beside the up and coming, as well as a great selection of bands and singers who would mostly find a home in the indie/folk section of your music collection.

The line-up is impressive on both counts. Writers involved include Alan Bissett, Ryan Van Winkle, Annelise Mackintosh, Kirstin Innes, Rodge Glass, Doug Johnstone (whose novel The Ossians I’ve just finished reading, and it’s really rather good) and Ewan Morrison. Music comes from Billy Liar, Toby Mottershead, Burnt Island, Small Feet, Little Toes and the lovely sound of Withered Hand amongst others. But if you want two solid reasons to attend at least two of the seven shows over the festival they are the legends who are Liz Lochhead and Tom Leonard, two of our greatest poets who you must see live. Actually there are three solid reasons. Every show is only one pound admission. A full festival weekend pass for £7! If you’ve been thrown out the house then that’s cheaper than a hostel.

Everything takes place in Glasgow’s Stereo on Renfield Lane, and you can browse the full line-up and times by going to As a bit of a taster here are a couple of clips of two of those taking part. First up is Alan Bissett performing a ‘Moira Monologue’, followed by Withered Hand with the lovely Religious Songs:

I’m really excited about Margins, but considering it has writing, music and there’s drink involved then that’s not too surprising. If I could only get them to stick on a couple of films and rustle up a Thai Green curry then I would have the perfect weekend. So save me a seat near the front and I’ll buy you a drink.


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