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  • Alistair Braidwood

In praise of: Billy Connolly

And that gets to the heart of Connolly for me. He is a charming man, able to talk to young, old and in between. He is basically a storyteller following a great tradition. The reason that he is successful across the English speaking world is that he finds the common in the individual and includes everyone when he performs. Look at the crowd on ‘The Audience with…’ clip below. There are actors, sportsmen, presenters and comedians from all backgrounds, all of whom are roaring with laughter and that is down to recognition and inclusion. His enthusiasm for life and the people he meets is infectious. Some chide him for finding everything ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’, but sometimes things are just that and this should be acknowledged. Connolly looks at the everyday as few do, and is able to make others do likewise.

Below are two of my favourite Connolly moments, and yes they are from the 1980’s, but in my defence I would claim that’s mainly to do with how we relate to our favourite artists who have longevity. The time we fall for them is always defining for us, and although we may enjoy the relationship through highs and lows over the years, you never quite capture that heady rush of first love.

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