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  • Alistair Braidwood

Forsyth’s Saga…

The purpose of Scots Whay Hae!, and beleive it or not there is one, is to try and bring you something that you may not have encountered before, or to look at the familiar with fresh perspective. More than anything posted on these pages the following clip fulfils all of these criteria.

It is a wonderful short film made about my favourite Scottish film maker Bill Forsyth (and thanks Alex for alerting me to its existence). It was made to commemorate Forsyth’s deserved award from BAFTA for Lifetime Achievement, and so the famously modest and media shy man could give thanks for the award from the safe distance of the screen. I’ve said a lot about my feelings for Forsyth and his work elsewhere (you can read an article which I wrote a while ago on Gregory’s Girl here. It is worth checking out if only for the most incisive piece of criticism of anything I have ever written). So I’ll say no more at this point except that this film seems to convey what it is about the man that make his movies so magical:

I’m off on my hols for a week, puffing up the West Coast of Scotland and reading books so I can come back to these pages and write about them. But while I’m away some random music clips of some of my favourite Scottish artists will appear over the next week. If your interest is even mildly piqued then come visit. You’re always welcome.


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