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Fascinating Rhythms: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Adam Stafford...

Image Credit: David P Scott

For what we now realise is the 200th SWH! Podcast, Ali spoke to musician, filmmaker, photographer, and broadcaster Adam Stafford about his forthcoming album Trophic Asynchrony (right) the current single 'Threnody for February Swallows', and the themes and inspirations behind both.

The two also discuss the importance of film and photography in the project, his previous album Diamonds Of A Horse Famine and returning to Adam's musical past, making music - and adapting - during COVID, the dangers of not learning lessons from history, and so much more. Adam has long been one of SWH!'s favourite musicians and it is apt that he guests on this landmark pod.

You can find more about Adam and his work here - Adam Stafford.

Podcast #201 is coming soon...

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