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  • Alistair Braidwood

Beatles for sale

It may be the fact that I’m recovering from a slight illness, or that I’ve not been in town and amongst folk for a while, but making my way through Glasgow today made me realise that life is better when soundtracked by The Beatles. Everywhere I went their songs followed and made me relax and float downstream. I especially like the thought that the visiting Dutch footie followers would think this was a normal state of affairs in the city, and would return home to repeat the trick with Van der Graf Generator, or even Golden Earring.

I know that this Beatles ubiquity is mainly to keep Ringo and Paul in hair dye, but it did make me feel that piping their music throughout the city would be a positive move. How could you continue a square go in St Enochs‘ while ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is playing?

p.s. Could you argue that the Dutch are The Beatles of world football? If you love music you surely must appreciate The Beatles and likewise the Dutch if you love your football. Both remind you that it’s not just the winning, but how the game is played.


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