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  • Alistair Braidwood

What is Mayfesto?

However, throughout Glasgow over the past few weeks posters have been appearing advertising Mayfesto, a month of political theatre based in the Tron theatre. Included are plays by George Packer, Katherine Kressmann Taylor and David Greig and the theme, if there is one, seems to be telling the personal stories which are hidden behind the headlines of war. This promises to be a thought provoking, potentially exhausting, two weeks of drama which could remind audiences how powerful theatre can be when it has an argument to make.

Hopefully Mayfesto will succeed. For all the music, film and comedy festivals in Glasgow, since Mayfest turned its toes up, theatre has been sidelined. I know there is quality theatre in the city all year round, but festivals tend to focus the mind and fire enthusiasm. You can find all the relevant details by going to mayfesto but this video should whet all appetites:

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