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Welcome To Pianodrome: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Tim Vincent-Smith & Matthew Wright...

For the latest SWH! podcast Ali headed through to Edinburgh to visit the legendary Pianodrome, and talk to directors Tim Vincent-Smith & Matthew Wright in their new home of the Old Royal High on Calton Hill.

It's a stunning venue which is the perfect space and place for Pianodrome, and Tim and Matt tell us of its history and how it works, the practicalities of building it, the ethos behind what they do, and the importance of connecting, and reconnecting, artists and audiences.

They also talk about their Summer Resonancy which is running from the 1st July to 11th September, and which includes free lunchtime concerts, drop-in afternoon sessions, workshops, evening shows and a full Edinburgh Fringe Festival programme of events. Matt and Tim discuss the Fringe programme in detail and highlight just some of the strands, events, and people involved.

What is made clear is that Pianodrome is not simply a stunning setting and performance space, it is a philosophy which advocates collaboration, diversity, harmony, and unity. When put together it becomes something very special indeed.

Click on the highlighted links to find out everything you need to know about #PIANODROME and the Summer Resonancy.

Images from Pianodrome:

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