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Urban Hymns: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Man Of The Minch & Peter Mackay...

For the latest podcast Ali spoke to musician Man of the Minch (AKA Pedro Cameron) and poet Peter Mackay about Sradagan Na Sraide / Street Sparks, the EP they have collaborated on, marrying the latter's Gaelic lyrics with the former's magical music.

The result is a wonderful collection of songs which celebrate and reflect on the lives of contemporary Gaels in the urban environment. The two discuss why they came to work together, and how the process worked, the importance of incorporating their respective cultural traditions to create something new, working with Ceòl is Craic and The Bothy Society, and a whole lot more.

And stay to the very end to hear 'Drochaid', a fantastic example of the music they have made.

Download a copy of the EP - Sradagan Na Sraide / Street Sparks.

And click their names to learn more about the great work of The Bothy Society and Ceol is Craic.

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