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  • Alistair Braidwood

Top 5 Scottish Tracks That You May Not Have Heard of 2010…

One of the nicest things about writing Scots Whay Hae! is that people send you new music to consider. I can’t comment on it as I’d like because I just don’t have the time, but all the music is listened to and greatly appreciated. The following tracks are my favourite discoveries from the last year, at least at the time of writing.

The first song comes from Maple Leaves. I heard their recent E.P.Golden Ether through the urgent promptings of a fan of theirs and a friend of mine (thanks Jennie!) and if you’re looking for a perfect stocking filler then this is it. It would be a lovely thing to play on a cold Christmas morning. This is Golden Ether:

Next is a band who got in touch earlier in the year to say ‘listen to this’. I did, and it was good. There are a lot of bands out there who do the quiet/noise/quiet thing but few are doing it as well as this. From their 0.3 E.P. this is We’re Only Afraid of NYC with Louder Loudest (draw in close):

One of my albums of the year was A Month of Lost Memories from I Build Collapsible Mountains, the debut release from Luke Joyce who some may remember from The Gothenburg Address. This is gorgeous; and it’s called Where We Go Tomorrow:

The Scottish Enlightenment have been going for a wee while now, but this year saw them take a step up releasing The Little Sleep E.P. followed by the triumphant album St Thomas. All this and they have the best name around, which always counts for a lot. From St Thomas this is The First Will Be Last:

Finally, one of the most accomplished bands around who are as comfortable making music for sweaty dance floors as they are for sweaty venues. They are Night Noise Team. They make you sweat. (there’s your next press release). This is a cracker, it’s called, appropriately enough, Burning:

Putting that list together was a tough call as there is so much great music out there. Go and find it because it wants to be found. Next year, if all goes to plan, we’ll be covering a lot more music at Scots Whay Hae!, both new and old. Something for everyone.


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