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  • Alistair Braidwood

The Confessor Of Truth: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast talks To James Robertson…

One of the very best things about doing the Scots Whay Hae! podcast is that we have been lucky enough to have some of our favourite people come and talk to us, and to you.

It’s one thing to write a review and give an opinion as to what a book, song or film is really about, but being able to talk to those at the coal face of art and culture, and to ask them what they think, is much more exciting and insightful.

This month the podcast welcomed one of the most interesting and engaging writers around, novelist James Robertson. Ali has already reviewed his books The Fanatic, And The Land Still, the short story collection Republics of the Mind, and, most recently, The Professor of Truth, so you can read for yourself what he thinks about Robertson’s writing, but it was a privilege to be able to hear the thoughts on those books, and his others, from the man himself.

Robertson also muses on those misunderstood legends Walter Scott and Hugh MacDiarmid, the influence of James Hogg, the importance of language to any culture and the problems that occur when that language is suppressed, and the unreliable narratives of history.

Ali and Ian, and hopefully James, had a terrific afternoon, and we hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as they enjoyed the day. James also recorded some Robert Louis Stevenson related material for us, which is for another time, but which we can preview here as being something quite special. We certainly made the most of James agreeing to join us, and it is a measure of the man that he gave his time and thoughts so freely. It is greatly appreciated.

You can find the podcast at iTunes or by RSS, and if you’re new round these parts you will find all our previous recordings waiting for you. Subscribe and you’ll never miss it.

I’ll be honest, we haven’t as yet set up our next podcast guest, but whoever appears I’m sure the stories they have to tell will be worth listening to…


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