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  • Alistair Braidwood

Saturday Morning Music Club: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast With Catriona Child…

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The latest podcast sees Ian and Ali joined by writer Catriona Child to talk about her terrific debut novel Trackman, the review of which you can read here. It is the perfect read for the Scots Whay Hae! reader and listener as it is immersed in music, touches on themes which have been discussed with references to other Scottish novels, and has the potential to be adapted for the screen.

In what becomes quite a revealing discussion, Catriona reveals details of her husband’s dreams, Ian offers a favourite album under protest, and Ali probably gives too much information about what makes him greet and offers tips on how to mentally scar a younger sibling for life using nothing more than safety scissors, some black card and the music of Art Garfunkel.

It was an absolute pleasure to record, like all of the best podcasts you forget that’s actually happening, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You can listen to it on iTunes or RSS and if you subscribe need never worry about it ever again.

Thanks also to Louise at Luath Press for helping organise this podcast, and there will be more collaborations with that excellent independent publisher in the near future. While you check out their website you can read more about Trackman and hear some of the music, and you should also visit Catriona’s blog.

To put you in the mood here’s one of the songs the novel references. New Order are one of the greatest bands to ever turn on a Moog and strap on a low slung bass. This is a video of them playing Glasgow in presumably happier times. This is Bizarre Love Triangle:

That’s all for now. We’ll have someone extra special next time, but then we would say that…


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