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Independent Thought: The SWH! Podcast Talks About Bella Caledonia: An Anthology of Writing...

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

From left to right - Alison Phipps, Mike Small, Ali B, Dougie Strang, Neil Cooper

The latest Scots Whay Hae! podcast is all about Bella Caledonia and the new Anthology of writing from the years 2007 - 2021. To discuss all things Bella, Ali is joined by founder and editor Mike Small as well as contributors, writer Neil Cooper, writer and performer Dougie Strang, and academic Alison Phipps.

They talk about how the beginnings of Bella Caledonia, the aims and ideas behind it, each person's initial involvement, how time can change the context of the chosen essays, the importance of, and dangers in, having a wide and inclusive brief, and so much more.

Alison, Dougie, and Neil also talk about their own contributions to the Anthology, and Mike sets out what the future may hold. Bella Caledonia has long been essential reading for anyone with an interest Scottish culture, politics, and life (and was an inspiration for starting Scots Whay Hae!) so it was a real pleasure to learn more about Bella, and the excellent publication that is Bella Caledonia: An Anthology of Writing - 2007 - 2021.

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