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  • Alistair Braidwood

Hungry Beat: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Douglas MacIntyre, Grant McPhee and Neil Cooper...

(left to right) Douglas MacIntyre, Neil Cooper & Grant McPhee

For the latest SWH! podcast Ali spoke to musician Douglas MacIntyre, filmmaker Grant McPhee, and journalist Neil Cooper to learn all about their new book Hungry Beat: The Scottish Independent Pop Underground Movement (1977-1984).

Concentrating on two indie labels, Edinburgh's Fast Product and Glasgow's Postcard, Hungry Beat is a terrific read, and it was great to hear how and why the book came about, and learn more about the key individuals, gigs, bands, records, and labels that influenced a generation.

It seems a shame to have the three on the same podcast as each deserves an individual interview to themselves (and that may come to pass in the future). But, for now, here's a bit more about Hungry Beat's authors.

Douglas MacIntyre played with The Jazzateers, (who feature in the book) and many other influential bands, and now runs the excellent indie record label, the Creeping Bent Organisation, as well as putting on the FRET series of concerts at the Strathaven Hotel.

Grant McPhee has made superb documentaries looking at Scottish indie music, including Teenage Superstars, The Glasgow School, and Big Gold Dream - the latter providing the inspiration for Hungry Beat.

Neil Cooper is a journalist, critic and cultural commentator who writes for the Herald, Bella Caledonia, and many other fine publications, and few have written more about, and on, Scottish culture as he has.

What follows is a fascinating and in-depth conversation about what many consider the glory days of Scottish independent music, with bands, musicians, and mavericks who made the world sit up and listen.

Whether you were there or not this is a must listen for any music lover.

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