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Hung Up: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Richy Muirhead & Jill Brown About HANG...

For the latest podcast - it's all about HANG, Scotland's first ever Hip Hop & Grime Music Conference, presented by the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA) in partnership with Creative Scotland.

Ali talks to producer of the SAMAs Richy Muirhead who takes us through the HANG programme, how it came about, and all the ways you can join in and get involved.

He then catches up with one of this year's guest speakers, Jill Brown, who talks about her own music, her involvement with record label Conviction Records, the importance of telling stories, and a whole lot more.

It's a podcast to whet the appetite for the inaugural HANG which promises to the first of many.

You can find further and full details for HANG, including how to get tickets, here - HANG

To learn more about Jill Brown and the work of Conviction Records go to - Jill Brown and Conviction Records.

* There is a slip of the tongue from me, where I mean to say Aidan Martin not Aidan Moffat. Apologies to both.

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