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  • Alistair Braidwood

Django Rules OK…

Better late than never, I’ve criminally overlooked this year’s Glasgow Jazz Festival which has been on over the last week. There have been familiar names such as Carol Kidd, Lucy Kerr, Bobby Wishart and Tommy Smith mixing with the more avante garde; The Arun Ghosh Quartet, Polar Bear and the brilliant dBass.

Although this is the last weekend of the festival there is still plenty to see and hear, including the amazing bass of Michael Janisch who plays with his quartet on Sunday at the Royal Concert Hall. You can find all the relevant information at, but one of the highlights was virtuoso guitarist Martin Taylor who presented an evening of the music of Django Reinhardt at The Old Fruitmarket last night. Taylor is a great talent and Django was one of the greats, and this gives me the perfect excuse to post a great clip of Django, alongside Stephen Grapelli. If your music collection contains no Django then I would suggest that you rectify this. If I’m feeling like I need a lift then he is one of the first artists that I turn to. Here he is looking all jazzy ‘n that…


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