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  • Alistair Braidwood

Come On Gang! Come To Rest…

This Tuesday evening (14th Sept at 8.00pm) at The Captain’s Rest in Glasgow there’s a great night in prospect. Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic share the stage with Edinburgh’s Come On Gang! and it could just be that when those ‘gig of the year’ roundups that appear in places like this are being written, it will be right up there for consideration.

It is a perfect match up. Here We Go Magic have a small but complex collection of material that critics struggle to pigeonhole, almost always a good thing. They’re a little bit pop, a little bit 80’s indie, a little … ach; here’s the video for Collector. You can make up your own mind:

Come On Gang! have a terrific new single, Fortune Favours the Brave, released this week and which promises great things from their forthcoming album Strike a Match. It’s a power pop track with a joyous video to match:

You can download the single for free here and if good will and good reviews are reliable indicators then they are going to be one of your favourite bands for some time to come. Placed side by side, Here We Go Magic and Come on Gang! are proof, as if any were needed, that pop music is still something that we should talk about. See you next Tuesday.


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