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  • Alistair Braidwood

Celluloid City: The First Of Two Podcasts About Glasgow & Film…

In this, the first of two podcasts to celebrate Glasgow and/on film, Chris and Ali both review and preview their personal highlights of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival. Chris deals with the arthouse, while Ali mainly stays in the mainstream, a division which reflects the diversity of the festival itself. More than most other film festivals, and I’ve been to a few, Glasgow really does have something for everyone.

Ali talks about the importance of Jimmy Cagney, his complicated relationship with Isabelle Huppert and exhibits a worrying knowledge of the life an times of Soho pornographer Paul Raymond. Chris waxes lyrical about Don Hertzfeld, brilliantly pronounces Apichatpong Weerasethakul and admits most of his picks have already been and gone (although many will be on general release in the coming months, so keep ’em peeled). Both praise the work of Park Circus and both wish they were better paid so they could fully indulge in the festival. Can you guess the secret Chris was keeping nervously all through the podcast? The first person who correctly guesses wins a copy of Gregory’s Girl. Answers to

Following swiftly on this podcast’s heels will be Ali’s chat with Nicola Balkind. The conversation is based on the new book World Film Locations: Glasgow which Nicola edited and which features contributions from  some of Scotland’s finest film critics and commentators. Expect delivery of this podcast in the next few days.

To avoid disappointment you should, if you haven’t already, subscribe on iTunes or by RSS. You should also check out Nicola’s fantastic Uncultured Critic blog and learn more about the other interesting stuff she does here.

I should also direct you to our own Chris Ward’s podcast Seen Your Video where he concentrates on film, but not exclusively so.

In the meantime here’s a couple of trailers that show the diversity of this year’s festival.

First off is one of Don Hertzfeld’s fantastic short animations, this is Everything Will Be OK:

Then we have the other extreme, this is the trailer for the much discussed Cloud Atlas, part of which was filmed in Glasgow. We don’t just throw this together you know:


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