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  • Alistair Braidwood

August Company: The Best Music Of The Last Month…

And the hits just keep on coming in what has proved to be a great summer of new music. June and July were amazing, and August managed to match the quality, if not in quite the quantity, but I’m not going to include anything I consider below par just to make up the numbers. I would only be letting you down. And me.

What you’ll find below is some great electronic music, melodies to die for, quiet contemplation, and noise to make you feel good. If you can’t find something to like in this roundup, then I’m not quite sure we can be friends anymore.

Let’s kick off with some proper anthemic rock. When this sort of thing is done badly there are few things worse, but when a band gets it right they soar, and Glass Museums have got it right with some style. From the EP This Is The Start, this is Shine A Light and it is epic in all the right ways:

Let’s not mess about, the next song and video are two of my favourite things of the year so far. Lorraine McCauley and The Borderlands are just too good for you not to know about. The music and melodies remind me of the more acoustic moments of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, and my praise rarely reaches such heights. Melancholic and yet uplifting, this is What If?, and I’ve been playing this most mornings since the first listen:

More beautiful vocals, memorable tunes and bruising lyrics, this time from Holly Drummond. This is really accomplished. It’s not just the music, songwriting and singing, but also the wonderfully controlled and understated production that makes this special. This is someone who understands music. The EP is In The Dark, and every track hits the mark:

Next, we go full pop excess with a band from the always reliable Permwhale Recordings. Imagine Richard X had met Trainspotting’s Sick Boy and this is perhaps the sort of music they would have come up with. In yer face and all the better for it, this is The Duke, Detroit with Saturday:

Now for some unknown chancers called Belle and Sebastian. They are one of those bands whose music has soundtracked periods of my life, and I will always love them for that. Their latest album, The Third Eye Centre, is a collection of and rarities, collectibles and non-LP tracks from recent times, and while that may seem like it’s for fans only, it showcases just what a special band they continue to be. From the album, this is the always excellent Miaoux Miaoux’s remix of Your Cover’s Blown:

In celebration of a new Belle and Sebastian release, and as a wee bonus extra, here’s Pitchfork TV’s documentary on the band. This is If You’re Feeling Sinister, and if you’re a fan then you’re in for a treat:

Phew, what a scorcher! Bring on those sounds of autumn…


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