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  • Alistair Braidwood

Arran Arctic: Live in the Living Room for the Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

The latest Scots Whay Hae! podcast features live music from one of our favourite musicians, the enigmatic and rather wonderful Arran Arctic. Arran made the trip through from Edinburgh to play a rare live set for us, and you, and  once the guitar was packed away he joined Chris, Ian and Ali for a chat about music and more. Recorded on Record Store Day the talk turns to early music buying experiences, fond memories of record stores past and present, and, with a tentative step towards a new regular column, we discuss ‘lost’ albums.

Arran plays All That I Can Do, which you’ll hear before the banter, followed by Always About You and Keep which follow. They are three gorgeous songs which will please those of you who already know Arran’s music, and serve as a great introduction to the man and his work to those who don’t. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you do you can buy Arran and learn more about him and his work by visiting his website where you can, as promised, purchase often surprising and personal merchandise.

I’m sure you all subscribe to the podcast as it is the best way of getting it first, but if not then you can do so on iTunes or by RSS and the next episode will wing its way to your inbox in roughly two weeks time. What’s occurring? Well nothing is confirmed but we hope to have someone who is in one of the year’s biggest movies. You’ll have to listen to the whole of this podcast to find out who I’m referring to, or just fast forward (damn, I hadn’t thought of that).

The talk of lost albums came around as Scots Whay Hae! is going to be starting a new regular column in the next few days which we want to open up to all. As yet untitled, it will be about those records which people feel have been overlooked or forgotten as they don’t fit into the neat narratives that are often used to define the history of popular culture. As we try to make clear, this is all about personal choice. You may play one of the records spoken about, and then subsequently written about, all the time, but this is not definitive so please don’t give us grief. I’m interested in finding out about the records which people feel are underrated, and why. With this in mind I’d love it if those interested would send us short essays about their choices and, if we feel they fit, we’ll publish them. The first column will be about One Dove’s Morning Dove White which is talked about on this podcast. When you have a read of it, and think you’ve got a much better candidate, have a go and let us know.

Send all pieces to and we look forward to reading them. Who knows, one day someone may even collect them all together. I cannae wait.

And for those of you who are tickled by pictures of men with beards and specs; my how we spoil you…


Thanks for subscribing!

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