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  • Alistair Braidwood

A Hogmany Treat…

Over at .Dear Scotland they’re voting on who is the greatest Scottish vocalist of all time. Currently the sensational Alex Harvey is neck and neck with the Simple Mind that is Jim Kerr, with Annie Lennox a distant third. If you want your vote to count get over there now.

My personal choice was, of course, for The Blue Nile’s Paul Buchanan, closely followed by Billy McKenzie, but it seems the public prefer Alex’s rocker’s rasp or Jim’s overblown, if oddly endearing, vocal stylings. If I had to choose between the two it would be Alex Harvey all day long. To compare for yourselves you should have a quick peek at the clips which can be found in these earlier blog entries: (Simply delicate… & BPE: Before Postcard Era )

Anyway, to see in the New Year I want to post something I came across while I was putting together my top ten Scottish music list (‘The Scottish Music I Love’ Top Ten of the 00’s…) This is a clip of Paul Buchanan in duet with another fairly impressive Scottish vocalist, Sharleen Spiteri, live at Abbey Road. The song is Texas’s Sleep and can be found on their album 2005 album Red Road. The clip simply shows two singers revelling in singing. I think it’s kind of wonderful:

*Word of warning. Never seek out the official video for this song. It features Peter Kay and will spoil what you have just seen forever. See you in the New Year…


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