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  • Alistair Braidwood

The Scottish Opera Interviews #9: Emerging Artist, Arthur Bruce…

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

For the latest Scottish Opera podcast SWH! spoke to one of the company’s Emerging Artists, Arthur Bruce. The SO Emerging Artist programme is now in its 10th year, and, as Arthur explains, it is hugely important in developing and supporting all areas of opera, helping to ensure the future remains bright.

He also discusses how his interest in opera began, his musical background, the challenges of acting, the productions he has been involved in, and why this programme has been so important to him on a personal level. Arthur is the first performer we have interviewed for these podcasts and this makes for a fascinating insight into the role, both onstage and off.

These podcasts attempt to give greater understanding into the workings of Scottish Opera and the different roles of those involved, lending a rare and engaging appreciation of Scotland’s largest national arts company.

If you are new round these parts there is quite a substantial back-catalogue of podcasts for you to discover. If you aren’t yet a subscriber you can do so, (or simply listen) at iTunes, on Podbean, with Spotify, or by RSS (but you’ll need to have an RSS reader to do so).

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