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The Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival 2021: The SWH! Podcast Talks To Melanie Purdie & Neil Gore...

The latest podcast is all about this year's Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival, and Ali caught up with the festival's strategic and creative director Melanie Purdie, and Neil Gore from Townsend Theatre Productions, to discuss it.

After having to postpone last year the festival is back with a fantastic and varied programme, and Melanie takes us through what to expect, where to find it, and how everyone can take part no matter where they are. She also explains this year's theme of 'Hame'll Dae Me' and how that has driven the programme.

Townsend Theatre's 'Talking Horse' venue is at the heart of what is going on, and Neil gives some background to the company and their work, explains how 'Talking Horse' works, and what audiences can expect.

The three also discuss how exciting the return to live events is, the challenges faced, the necessary changes made, and what they are looking forward to. It's a lively and uplifting conversation which is a reminder of why such arts festivals are so important and that they have been sadly missed.

You can find out further details at the D&G Festival Homepage.

Here's the trailer for this year's Festival:

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