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  • Alistair Braidwood

That Was The Year That Was: The Best Of 2020 Podcasts – Books (Part I)…

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This year was such a great one for Scottish writing that we had to split our Best Books of 2020 podcast into two parts to fit in everything we wanted to talk about. This is Part I.

Ali was once again joined by Publishing Scotland‘s Vikki Reilly (right), who became a published author herself this year. The two pick their favourite books from the last 12 months, (most Scottish, but some not) and take many detours and diversions along the way.

These are always among the most pleasant podcasts to record as the two geek out on their love of books, and we hope you find something to interest you. And look out for Part II which will follow early next week.

It’s also the perfect companion piece to our earlier post The Good Word: SWH!’s 10 Best Books Of 2020… where you’ll be able to link to reviews of many of the books and writers that Vikki and Ali discuss.

And don’t forget to check out the Books from Scotland website for more of the best of Scottish books (the latest issue has lots of suggestions for Christmas).

If you are new to the Scots Whay Hae! podcast there is quite a substantial back-catalogue for you to discover. If you aren’t yet a subscriber you can do so, (or simply listen) at iTunes, on Podbean, with Spotify, by RSS (but you’ll need to have an RSS reader to do so) or on MixCloud.

You can also download the podcast by clicking on the relevant link to the left of this post, or, if you want it right here, right now, you can listen on SoundCloud

..or on YouTube

Our Best Music of 2019 and the Best Films of 2019 podcasts will be with you soon.

We will continue to bring you many and varied SWH! podcasts over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime you can always check out our back catalogue of over 170 interviews with some of the most interesting names in Scottish culture, including our Scottish Opera series and the Glasgow Film Festival 2020 podcasts.


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