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  • Alistair Braidwood

That Was The Year That Was: It’s The Best Of 2015 Podcast…

Willie, Chris, Wesley and Ali

For our “Best of 2015” podcast, Ian and Ali were joined by regular pod guest, Chris Ward, and Scottish music man, Wesley Shearer (manager for Campfires In Winter, Michael Cassidy and I Am David Laing) to talk about what floated their collective boats in the last 12 months. Add in the usual festive missive from our very own Stirlingshire seer, Ronnie Young, and you end up with an epic podcast which approaches the 2 hour mark. But never mind the length, feel the quality.

We start off with music, and realise that it was a better year than we first thought, with lesser known bands producing great new music as the better known acts took a back seat. The Scottish Album of the Year awards were discussed in length, and, more generally, the musical trends of the last 12 months with everyone’s personal preferences receiving a right good championing.

After that chat it’s on to books, then film, and it is all surprisingly cordial as we rave rather than rant about a few of our favourite things, including Ian and Ali reminiscing about some of their more memorable podcasts of the year. The time just flew by, and we hope you’ll find something of interest, and recommendations to try out for yourself. If you need to shut out the world over the next few days we’d like to think that this is the perfect escape.

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And, as we always say, we’ll be back with you in 2016 with someone completely different…


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