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  • Alistair Braidwood

That’s Yer Whack: It’s The Best Of 2013 Podcast…

It’s the time of year for reflection and lists, and we aren’t people to shy away from those traditions. This year Chris, Ian and Ali were joined by music critic and bassist with the mighty PAWS, Ryan Drever, for their look back on the best 2013 had to offer.

We start with Filth and end with Antigone, and there are plenty of controversial claims made and impassioned rants in between. There’s also some fairly measured arguments as well as claims to reconsider the merits of Miley Cyrus.

This year’s Missive From Falkirk, an annual Christmas correspondence from our very own Ronnie Young, once again provokes strong reactions, especially from Chris (who actually gets out of his seat at one point in an attempt to cover the mic), and by the end we all agree that, for once, we have completely justified that wee “explicit” tag that has been awarded our podcast.

The rough structure for the discussion is that it concentrates on film, music and books, and although we head elsewhere, we think you’ll find enough recommendations and ideas to make your last minute Christmas shopping a whole lot easier…and more interesting.

You can find the podcast at iTunes or by RSS, and if you’re new round these parts you will find all our previous recordings waiting for you. Subscribe and you’ll never miss it.

That’s the last podcast of the year, but we will be back in the New Year with new guests and auld friends, all of whom continue to indulge us as we talk to them up four flights of stairs in a Glasgow kitchen. From all of our guests; from regular contributors Chris Ward and Ronnie Young…and from Ian and Ali, thanks for listening and have a great Christmas and a smashing New Year. xxx


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