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  • Alistair Braidwood

Mogwai Bring the Noise(y): Discover a New Place for the Best in Music…

It’s always exciting when you find somewhere that offers you a different take on music, and Noisey, the new online music channel brought to life by the good people of Vice magazine, brings the best music from around the world directly to your eyes and ears.

Bands already featured include The Vaccines (filmed live at Glasgow’s Captain’s Rest), Rent Boys, Porcelain Raft, Chad Valley, Flats and the mighty Natur, and that’s just the UK section. You can also browse live action and interviews from Australia, through China and Mexico, to the US, and back again. Literally hours of top quality music and chat. You can find all of this at

What brought the channel to my attention was their feature on Mogwai, which has Stuart and Barry visiting Mudchute urban farm in London intertwined with live footage of the band playing the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. There’s over an hour of live material, and all for nought. That’s got to be worth it. Below is the introductory video to Noisey followed by some fantastic Mogwai footage:

Noisey will be updated regularly so it’s always worth repeat visits. In the meantime there’s lots and lots for me and you.


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