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  • Alistair Braidwood

Mango, Music and Murmuration: It’s The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

The latest Scots Whay Hae! podcast was a real treat to record. Jo Mango, who made one of the best albums of last year with Murmuration, climbed the stairs for a second time after the first attempt to record her was abandoned due to lack of technical nous from Ali and Chris.

With Ian safely back at the controls she played a couple of songs from Murmuration,  ‘The Freedom of Seamonsters’ and ‘Evermore’, before chatting about the making of the album, the artists who influence her work and the state of Scottish music. She then agrees to  answer the five questions that get asked of all our guests, sharing nomenclatural amnesia with Ali while Chris tries his best to guess just who the hell they’re referring to. It’s no wonder it all gets a bit emotional for Ali before the end.

Even if you find the chat not to your taste (imagine such a thing) I urge you to listen to Jo singing and playing as these versions are absolutely gorgeous. You can check out more about Jo at her bandcamp page, and also follow the fine work of her current musical home, Olive Grove Records.

As always the pod can be found on iTunes and RSS. Next time we think it will be a podcast about film, but I have learned not to make too many promises we may never be able to keep, so let’s just see what happens. In the meantime here’s some more Jo just to prove you can’t get too much of a beautiful thing. This is a wonderful live version of the first track on Murmuration, ‘The Black Sun’, the basis for the ornithological bent the pod opens on:

Murmuration by Jo Mango; every home should have one…


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