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  • Alistair Braidwood

Mad March Hae!: It’s the Month in Music…

Maybe it’s the unseasonably fine weather but the tunes in my ears over the past four weeks have been sending me on my way with a skip in my step, a song in my heart, and my hat on the side of my head. There have been some fine music from old friends and new this month and here’s a selection of the best. It includes a band I’ve been raving about for sometime, a solo release from one half of a favourite duo and the first release from someone who is one of my favourite singers of all time. In case you haven’t realised it as yet, this has been a hell of a month. Without further ado, here’s the best of March.

First of is the new single from Mummy Short Arms. I know, I know… my like of them is bordering on the obsessive, but isn’t that the point? This is Silicone Dream and is yet more of the delicious madness that we have come to expect:

Now a solo single from The Bird and the Monkey’s Sarahjane Swan called Beautiful Day to Die which has a lighter, poppier, feel than you may have expected and is none the worse for it. Think of the jangle indie-pop of the late 80s and you’re close to the sound. It’s a little bit gorgeous:

Now something new from Cancel the Astronauts whose song Funny For a Girl was well played round our way when it came out in 2010. They make some of the most uplifting music of the moment; the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day. This is their latest single Intervention and it doesn’t disappoint one bit:

I haven’t come across Capitals before but the fact they are releasing a double A-side had me all nostalgic. It’s another slice of the sort of electronica which seems to be so popular at the moment. Luckily they match the technology with tunes. This is Sinking Ships followed by Jealousy:

Someone else new to Scots Whay Hae! is Plum, otherwise known as Shona Maguire, whose album The Seed is forthcoming. As a taster of that this is the single The Seed, and this is as interesting a video as I’ve seen in some time:

I’m going to finish off with the first taster from Paul Buchanan’s solo album Mid Air. If you don’t know who Paul Buchanan is then I think you’re in the wrong place. I warn you now, when I come to review Mid Air all objectivity will be going right out the window. This, to me, is how the angels sing. This is My True Country:

These are the best of a great bunch for March. 2012 seems to be getting better and better in terms of new music. Let’s hope for a long hot summer with a cracking soundtrack. Do do de do. Do do de do do de do do…


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