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  • Alistair Braidwood

Last Night, They Said: The Scots Whay Hae! Podcast Talks To Last Night From Glasgow…


Mark W. Georgsson: The Ballad Of The Nearly Man

In our first podcast of 2017, Ali talks to Ian Smith and Murray Easton, two of the founding members of record label Last Night From Glasgow.

Starting with their first release, Mark W. Georgsson’s single ‘The Ballad Of The Nearly Man’, they went on to give us some of the best records of 2016 from the likes of Emme Woods, Stephen Solo, Teen Canteen, Be Charlotte and BooHooHoo.

Along the way they have built up a loyal and faithful following all of whom who are made to feel part of the ever-growing LNFG family.


Emme Woods: I Don’t Drink To Forget

They have done so by approaching the music business with new ideas, and some old ideas presented in a new way, and Ian and Murray discuss these in detail, and how they put them into practice.

It’s a fascinating chat which will be of interest to those involved in all areas of culture as they offer thoughts on how, in an ever changing and increasingly on-line world, the arts, and specifically music, can be supported and promoted.


Stephen Solo: Pii

What comes across is a passion bordering on obsession, but combined with a professionalism and determination which means that there’s is a success story which is looking long term and shows no signs of slowing.

But, if that isn’t enough for you, there’s also some music to boot with an exclusive play of ‘Stay’ from Mark W. Georgsson’s forthcoming debut album, and trust me that it is worth listening out for.


Teen Canteen: Say It All With A Kiss

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Be Charlotte: Machines That Breathe


BooHooHoo: DebutHooHoo

We’ll actually be back sooner than you think with our Burnscast 2017, so see you back here soon…


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