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  • Alistair Braidwood

Jack James & The SAY: It’s The Latest Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

The latest podcast is one of our mildly popular musical themed recordings, and it features live music and chat from Jack James, a singer/songwriter who has made one of the albums of the year so far with Is That The Rain On?

He plays us three songs in what has come to be known by almost nobody as the Live Lounge, before he joins Ali, Chris and Ian in the kitchen to talk about his influences, inspirations, the best Scottish albums of the last year, and the value or otherwise of the Scottish Album of the Year Awards.

Do we decide they are a good thing? You’ll have to listen to find out, but even if you don’t care you’ll hear some terrific music, the end of a Marvel movie chat, a shared love for the PAWS album Cokefloat, how to gatecrash an awards party, the importance of carefully planning an album, and how to pronounce Litheme.

You can hear that Ali has not had enough sleep from the fact he completely forgets the name of the Mercury Music Prize, and the word ‘instrumental’, and as a result ends up talking bollocks about the ‘linking tracks between other songs’ to try and compensate, but there is more coherent conversation about the love of rain in song (as Woody Allen said, “It washes memories of the sidewalk of life”), the under appreciated instrument that is the banjo, and strange memories of childhood boardgames.

According to our sound guru Ian, this is one of the best so far, and he should know. If you like what you hear of Jack’s music, and my guess is that you will, then you can listen to Is That The Rain On?, and get yourself a copy, here,

You can find the podcast at iTunes or by RSS, and if you’re new round these parts you will find all our previous recordings waiting for you. Subscribe and you’ll never miss us.

Next time we hope to have a very special guest, but then they are all special in our eyes…


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