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  • Alistair Braidwood

Dr Johnstone I Presume: It’s the 15th Scots Whay Hae! Podcast…

After our Margins special, it’s time for Scots Whay Hae!Podcast number 15 proper, and it sees Ali and Ian on the road to the sands of Portobello to meet novelist, journalist and musician Doug Johnstone and chat to him over a couple of pints, something which we’ll be doing more of in the near future. We didn’t expect the local Haar, dog fighting or to be tempted with free wine, but all of these added to an entertaining afternoon as Doug chatted about books, music, whisky and much more. Unfortunately, or more likely fortunately, the libellous stuff happened before the mike was turned on so you’ll just have to catch me at the bar sometime to hear about that.

In Scots Whay Hae’s humble opinion Johnstone’s last two novels are among the most entertaining and gripping books of recent times, and few can take you from beginning to end of a novel at such a breathless pace. His writing is a force of nature, almost visceral, and it’s fascinating to hear how this style has developed over the years and who and what his influences are.

The thrilling nature of the conversation is only interrupted by the rabid dogs which frequent Portobello’s finer hostelries,(see artist’s interpretation right) but everyone left digits intact and the mysterious disappearance of the beasts had nothing to do with anyone who you know*.

You can listen to all the podcast action on Scots Whay Hae! on iTunes or on RSS and if this is your first visit here you’ll find there’s an interesting back catalogue to waste your time with.

To learn more about Doug Johnstone you should visit his excellent website Writing About Stuff .

Next up will be an interview with novelist, biographer and musician (there’s a theme emerging here) Rodge Glass about his work, and, if we can twist his arm, hopefully we can get him to read from his latest novel Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs, which was reviewed hererecently and which will be launched at Mono in Glasgow Wednesday the 4th of April. Having read the book it’s an event I can heartily recommend and you can get your own personal invitation by clicking here

If we don’t see you there then I hope you can have a listen to the podcast as it should be entertaining.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.


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